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Pre-order yours now! Will be available for purchase after prototyping phase. 

Full Price: $6,000

The E-Goat is an all-wheel drive, electric, off-road bike. The rigid frame is specifically designed for off-roading and crawling on mountains. It also offers a more rebust platform to mount our powerful all-wheel drive system. The contoured seat allows you to lead forward for aggressive climbing.The dual 5 KW motors allow you to load up the front and back racks with equipment for hunting, exploring, camping, and much more.


The E-Goat

  • Featuring: 

    • Two 5 KW hub motors
    • D2S Industries NCM battery 
    • Top speed of  45 MPH
    • Long Range 100 or 200 AH Battery
    • Rugged Tires
    • Silent! (Great feature for hunting)
    • Steel Frame
    • Extended seat
    • Front & Rear Storage
    • Additional upgrades listed 
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